Best Tennis Racquet For Beginner Players

More and more people are getting interested in tennis as the sport is fun and challenging. Even if it is one of the easiest sports people can play, they still need to follow basic rules and use proper equipment. One needs a tennis racquet to start playing the game, and when it comes to tennis racquets, it is a huge topic to talk about. As a good start, any tennis fan can visit the tennis site

Beginners still want to own the top tennis racquet, but in the meantime, they can simply eye for one that is reliable, easy and something that can enhance their game. Here is a list of 5 tennis racquets from famous manufacturers in the tennis industry. Any beginner can choose from the top tennis racquets listed below.

Top 5 Tennis Racquets of 2017

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Babolat 2015 Pure Drive

The comfortable-to-use Babolat 2015 Pure Drive tennis racquet’s sweet spot is more focused on control and ball feedback. Though quite expensive, this racquet is a potential top tennis racquet for players who want a balance between power and feel. It weighs 11 ounces, and its 100-square-inch head size gives a huge sweet spot, making the racquet easy on anyone’s arms. Advanced players love it too because of its playability and comfort, courtesy of its matte finish that looks and feels professional. This racquet gives players the chance to dominate their games. Check out Babolat tennis racquets for beginners featured on Tennis Racquet Central.

Head Micro Gel Radical OS Strung

The micro gel technology of Head Micro Gel Radical OS Strung gives better control and feel. Though its cons include being a bit rough to use because it tends to vibrate, it is still great for teens because it is powerful and lightweight. This racquet is one of the best choices of no other than Andre Agassi. It now comes updated with the MicroGel tech which distributes the load around the whole frame.

Head Ti.S6

One of the most famous tennis racquets, the Ti.S6 from Head features graphite and titanium which give its longevity as well as great feel and power. It is a racquet any tennis player who is just starting can grow with. The 8-ounce heavy racquet has gained popularity since it fits perfectly for both beginners and intermediate players who have slower swings. It is already strung so it can be used right away, though some players found the string that comes with it very vulnerable to breakage. Overall, the Head T1.S6 gives players more control and excellent power, making it a good choice as a top tennis racquet for beginners.

The Head Ti.S6 head size measures 115 square inches and its frame is solidly built. The racquet has torsional stability and features a “ShockStop” that gives players exceptional shock absorption in its handle. Go to tennis news and reviews site Tennis Racquet Central to learn more about Head tennis racquets.

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung

The Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung tennis racquet from Wilson is among the most selling Hyper Carbon racquets. It features a longer 27.5-inch length and a 110-square-inch head size. These features make it very light to yield more power. It can be less powerful than other tennis racquets, but thanks to its lightweight, it is easy to handle for a perfect spin, control, and balance. The Wilson Hyper Hammer is a legendary racquet that has been existing for about two decades now. It is designed for both beginners and intermediate players.

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung

One of the racquets that can be a top tennis racquet for beginners is the Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung. It is considered a forgiving and light racquet by most tennis players. Though a basic racquet that is regarded as less powerful than those from Babolat, the Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung is perfect for teens and beginners because it is easy to handle, light and well-balanced, thanks to its aluminum material. Its big 110-square-inch head gives players enough power to enhance their game. Aluminum racquets vibrate a lot, but not this racquet because it has stop shock pads that reduce the vibration. Visit Tennis Racquet Central to know more about Wilson tennis racquets.

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