Batting Fundamentals

Softball fundamentals: Batting techniques


Softball, being one of the world’s most popular sports especially for women, offers many health benefits. It provides complete body conditioning as it requires multiplies skills like running, throwing, swinging and all. Those who are just starting with the sport are most likely learning softball fundamentals, and among the very important ones are the batting techniques.


The player needs to ensure she has enough skill to be on the base more often to produce runs for the team. Otherwise, the coach and the team will be frustrated, and she will not be allowed to play. When the pitcher starts to throw the ball, the hitter should position herself comfortably. The following are some of the effective softball batting techniques:


Grip the bat


The hitter has to grip the bat by applying pressure with her fingers instead of palms. If she is right-handed, the left hand should be the bottom hand which controls the bat as the top hand loosely supports the bat.  The left-hand grips like gripping a golf club or a hammer while the right hand is against the left hand in a straight line. The arms should not be crossed, and there should be flexibility in the wrists.


Hand and feet positions


A good softball batting technique means right positions of the hands and feet. The ideal position of the hand holding the bat should ideally start near the body like three to four inches from the chest and in between the shoulders. There should be no tension in the shoulders, and the elbows are down. Some players are more comfortable with a bit of movement with the shoulders and hands to be loose, which is called power alley or position.


The feet should be in a straight line all the time, and toe to toe with toes pointed towards the home plate. The feet should be shoulder-width apart for a balanced base.




Swinging is vital in softball batting technique. It is body rotation using the legs to push the bat forward to hit the ball hard. The three parts of the body that rotate are the back foot, hips that come after the foot, and the shoulders with the bat.


The hitter should push the ball out of the back foot as the softball nears the plate. The back knee moves in, and the hips rotate but remain parallel to the ground, while the eyes and head stay still. The hands move the bat’s knob towards the ball, and the hitter should not let the bat head fall below the hands as the lead arm maintains a 90-degree angle. This type of ball approach makes sure of a more compact swing and a shorter arc.


Hit the ball


A pitch down to the middle should have a contact spot opposite the front hip. In delivering a punch, the player should be standing in such a spot to get the maximum blow. An inside pitch contact may occur sooner in front of the body, and the hips must likewise open earlier.


A good softball batting technique has players swinging all the way through, not just when the bat and ball contact. The hitter should extend her arms and roll over her wrists after contact and end the swing with her hands adjacent to the front while her chin is on her back shoulder.

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